Betriebswirtschaft / International Business

The international interdependence of the economy - keyword 'globalisation' - affects all the companies today. Therefore, the need for specialists and managers increases, who have a good economic knowledge and are able to build and maintain international business relations in various languages and in an interculturally competent manner. We perfectly prepare you for your working life in this global environment. Our professors are always at the students' disposal when it comes to counselling. Additionally, we offer a mentoring program with our graduates to facilitate your career start.

At a glance

Duration of study
7 semesters (210 credits)

5th semester (100 days) 

Degree Classification
Bachelor of Science 
(Business Administration)

Stay abroad
At least 1 semester, Double Degree option

Twice a year 

Program language
German (at least 80 credits in English)

The entry requirement is a higher education entrance qualification. Non-native speakers must prove sufficient knowledge of German. *

If you have further questions regarding our study program or the application procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us: ib(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de, Tel.: 0049 7231 28-6085

* In addition to the university entrance qualification admission is based on an internal process of the program. For the International Business program English language skills at level B2 CER are required as well as French or Spanish language skill at level B1 CER. We also take the math grades on the university entrance qualification into consideration. It should at least be equivalent to the grade 'satisfactory' (befriedigend / 3,0 / 9 points).


The entire course of studies is taught in English and another foreign language (French or Spanish): English and the second foreign language are almost equally weighted. In Pforzheim, you take courses of the amount of 80 ECTS in English and 20 ECTS in French or Spanish. During the second part of the studies the focus lays on international aspects of the economy, e.g. international marketing, international financial systems and accounting as well as the management in foreign cultures. It is mandatory to spend one semester abroad, two semesters are recommended. In addition to the degree from Pforzheim University you have the possibility to gain an academic degree from one of our partner universities. You can also do your internship abroad.


Special about the study specialization is the so-called study-abroad module. It is mandatory to spend one semester abroad, two semesters are recommended. This helps you to improve your language skills and to gain further intercultural competencies. You have the possibility to organize your semester abroad individually.

During that semester, you can either specialize in Marketing, Finance or Human Resources or use it to improve your generalist profile.

Double degrees at foreign partner universities: At our French partner KEDGE in Marseille you have the possibility to gain a double bachelor's degree with a specialization in Marketing, Finance or Human Resources. After seven semesters, you receive both a German and a French degree. The agreement with ESSCA Angers includes a Bachelor / Master after ten semesters. There is also the possibility to gain a double degree in with a specialization in Marketing or Finance at Universidad ESAN in Peru. In cooperation with Pforzheim University the private business school Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico offers a double diploma in seven semesters. From 2020 on, International Business students will be able to gain a double degree due to another German-Spanish cooperation. Students will have the chance to study at the IQS School of Management, Ramon Lull University, in Barcelona (Spain). You can also gain an English double degree in Asia at the Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

The program also includes international projects and excursions, e.g. to Ireland, France, Sweden, Russia or Turkey.

Program goals describe the competencies, which every student should have obtained at the end of their studies at Pforzheim Business School. Each one of these goals is outlined by learning outcomes, through which the competency goals are operationalized and become tangible.

You can find the program goals and learning outcomes of the various study programs in the navigation bar. 

Goal at degree program level

Students have broad knowledge of theories and their practical application in order to understand business functions and processes.

Expert knowledge

Learning Objective/Outcome

1.1 Students demonstrate that they have basic knowledge in Business Administration.

1.2 Students demonstrate their distinguished and sound competencies in Economics.

1.3 Students have command of legal methodology for case solutions on basis of claims.

1.4 Students are able to solve business problems by applying quantitative methods.

Goal at degree program level

Students are able to use information technology successfully.

Use of information technology

Learning Objective/Outcome

2.1 Students demonstrate proficiency in using computer programs to solve business problems.

2.2 Students are able to use information systems effectively in real world business settings.

Goal at degree program level

Students are able to examine problems critically and solve practical problems with analytical competence. 

Critical thinking and analytical competence

Learning Objective/Outcome

3. Students are able to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to complex problems.

Goal at degree program level

Students recognize ethical issues and conflicts, which can arise from their business activities and account for them accordingly.

Ethical awareness

Learning Objective/Outcome

4. Students are able to develop business ethics strategies and apply them to typical business decision-making problems.

Goal at degree program level

Students are able to express ideas and arguments clearly and convincingly in oral and written communication.

Communication skills

Learning Objective/Outcome

5.1 Students are able to express complex problems effectively in writing.

5.2 Students demonstrate their oral communication skills in presentations.

Goal at degree program level

Students are able to work effectively in teams.

Capacity for teamwork

Learning Objective/Outcome

6. Students show that they are able to work successfully in a team by performing practical tasks.

Goal at degree program level

Students have a sound background in their major field of study.

Expert knowledge in the major field of study

Learning Objective/Outcome

7.1 Expert knowledge.

7.2 Secure and competent application of methods and instruments.

7.3 Interpretation and critical reflection as well as development of alternatives.