Give us your feedback!

It is our goal to preserve excellent study conditions at Pforzheim University and to work on continuous improvement. But: we need your support and help! Your point of view as students of our university allows us to see where we can get better.

If you have any suggestions or criticisms with regard to your studies, please let us know and use the feedback box to give us your insights, either openly or anonymously. We can promise you: All your suggestions are being checked for feasibility. However, we do ask for your understanding that in case of feasibility, it can take some time to implement your suggestion. So please share with us.

And finally, we would like to ask you for another favour: Please also let us know what you like about studying at Pforzheim University and what you find supportive, for your studies and yourself. Who can possibly say no to positive feedback — we can’t and are happy to hear about it.

Many thanks, your Student Services Team

Feedback box - Student Services

Feedback Box - Student Services
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