Student Retrospectives

International students and alumnis write about their study time:

Jianzhong Wang, PHD Student, Computer Science Dept., University of Louisville, Kentucky
"The Master program was the enabler for deepening my professional skills as well as for gaining deeper insight into core subjects of IT. This facilitated my start as a PHD student."

Nuran Adal, SAP Consultant at Siemens San. ve Tic., Turkey.
"The MIS program helped me to develop highly analytical, interpersonal and communication skills. Some results of my master thesis were specifications for the strategic research and development project of SAP Germany, which are patented from European Patent Office. Actually I work as a SAP BW Consultant, implementing CRM and top management managerial reports."

Anil Kumar Thalari, Software Engineer for PDM / SAP
"Pforzheim University of Applied sciences offers excellent labs infrastructure and the MIS program is well structured by offering subjects in state of the art technologies like SAP, management techniques and software engineering methodologies. Encouraging professors facilitate the opportunity to perform students´ projects in cooperation with real companies."