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The Ceremony

Dear Graduates,
We are looking forward to welcoming you and your party to the graduation ceremony on 8th June 2018.  We would like to give you details of the ceremony and some important information.
You will receive your Bachelor’s or Master’s certificate from your professors at the ceremony organized by your study program. Friends and family are also invited to attend the ceremony.
You will find out in advance whether your study program ceremony will take place at the University or in the Pforzheim Congress Centre.
A list of rooms allocated for the ceremony will be published on the website approximately two weeks before 8th June 2018.
We will send you an email as soon as the list is online.
Sashes and name cards will be handed out at the study program ceremony.  Please ensure that you bring your name card  to the main ceremony so that your name can be called out when you appear on the stage.
Check in in front of the festival hall
After the study program ceremony there will be a short break with refreshments.  At approximately 5 pm we invite you to leave the original copy of your certificate in the foyer for safe keeping during the ceremony.  We ask you to take your places in the large hall at 5 pm.


The official graduation ceremony begins at 5.30 pm in the great hall of the CPP and ends between 7.30 and 8 pm with a champagne reception and pretzels

Seating Arrangments
Your guests will be seated at the front of the large hall.  Graduates are requested to sit on the stage together with students from their study program.  There are signs to indicate where you should sit.  To ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly it is essential that you sit together with students from your study program.  There are assistants available to help you find your places and assist you during the whole ceremony.  Out of respect for your fellow-students and the guests we ask you not to leave the hall during the ceremony.
Award Ceremony on the Stage
The assistants will escort you and the other-students from your study program onto the stage.  We ask the next study program group to approach the stage while the preceding one is on stage.  As each student enters the stage they should give the presenter their name card so that they can be announced by name.  While on stage you will be filmed and the pictures will be broadcast on a big screen.
After the individual ceremony a photograph will be taken with your fellow-students and the deans of studies.  Afterwards you will leave the stage at the other side and sit down in the gallery.  Master’s graduates, who will be the last group to receive their award, are requested to stay on the stage for their final photograph.
If there are any questions, please email laudatio@hs-pforzheim.de
 We would like to have some feedback from you and keep you informed of news at the University.  We would appreciate it if you could give us your private email address.  Please write to: laudatio@hs-pforzheim.de
We are looking forward to an unforgettable evening.
The Laudatio Organizers