Job Description & Career Opportunities

Human Resources management is changing away from the traditional role of staff administration and is taking on a future-oriented role featuring active organization.  As well as administrative duties Human Resources employees are increasingly expected to advise (service function) and develop concepts (strategic function) for personnel work. Therefore Human Resources Management has experienced an intensive change so that the scope of duties of the modern Human Resources Manager are only partly as they formerly were.  There is now a focus on strategic orientation of business processes, culture elements in change management and quality management of one’s own work – these are the current catchwords.  In the field of staff and organization development a step has been taken from the classic organizer of company seminars to the tutor of individual development processes or the initiator and tutor of complex change processes in companies (organization development).  Therefore it is important during your studies to become involved in such topics which go beyond classic perspectives, e.g. modern management concepts. 

As well as participating in fundamentals of Human Resources Management and employment law, students will be able to take specific seminars some of which are options.  Assessment will be in the form of assignments and presentations.  As a rule the Bachelor thesis will be written as an internship project in cooperation with a company.  The University has an excellent network of contacts with companies so students will have no difficulty whatsoever in finding a suitable internship and project topic for their Bachelor thesis.

Target Group

You are interested in people and their work, you are communicative and open-minded, are goal-oriented and business-minded – then the Human Resources Management study program is the one for you.

Career Profile and Job Opportunities

Our graduates find positions as personnel officers, personnel development officers, training officers and personnel development trainers within companies. As a Human Resources manager you are responsible for the entire personnel management within the company, including the selection, hiring, retiring and dismissal of employees. These tasks comprise employment law-related topics as well as consultancy of the executive staff and co-operation with the work council. As the specialist for personnel development you are responsible for further training and individual employee promotion. Organizational development can also rank among your tasks. As training manager you are responsible for the training program of apprentices. You can attain the position of a Human Resources manager or a leading position in Human Resources and organizational development. Working at consulting firms or working on international missions are within the scope of international Human Resources Management.

Special Features of Human Resources Management

Graduates require excellent consultancy skills in order to be successful in practice.  In the Human Resources Management study program we focus on the development of social competence for our students. We offer regular training seminars on the topics of presentations, how to interact in a group, project management, chairing group meetings, negotiations or applications.  Another special feature is the Personnel Forum whose members include 250 company representatives.  The lectures held in the personnel forum are course-related so that by the end of their studies students will have gained information about the latest developments in practice.

International orientation is an important focus and we encourage students to take part in a study semester abroad as well as participate in regular student conferences with European partner universities.