Bachelor Study Program Human Resources Management

Which benefits offers Human Resources Management to you?

Business is people! Personnel work in business today is an important and future oriented management function. Our students acquire a sound business education and outstanding qualifications for a career in the Human Resources field. The practice-related program familiarizes you with customer-oriented support of employees, goal-based structuring of working processes and professional further training and staff promotion. Fundamental technical and methodical knowledge and skills in the field of Human Resources Management are just as important in the program as the promotion and development of personal and social competences such as presentation skills, chairing of group meetings, project management etc. We prepare you thoroughly for any career challenges you may face in the future.

Our graduates have the opportunity to gain further academic and professional qualifications by taking our Master study program “Human Resources Management (M.Sc.)”.


As the majority of the courses is taught in German language, excellent German language skills are required.



Overview of the bachelor study program

Duration of study

7 semesters (including an internship in the 5th semester)

Degree Classification

Bachelor of Science Business Administration


Students can enroll in the Bachelor Human Resources Management study program twice a year. Entry requirements are as follows: “Abitur” (High School Diploma), “Fachhochschulreife” or “Fachgebundene Hochschulreife” (diploma to gain entry to a university of applied sciences). Good English language skills are essential.


For further information about the application process please contact the student administration office on Tel: 0049/7231/28-6940 or via email on studicenter(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de

What do I learn?

The degree program consists of general studies and course specific modules.
Your general studies will cover the following modules:

  • General Business Administration
  • Company Taxation
  • Business Information Systems
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Intercultural Compentence
  • Ethics and Corporate and Social Responsibility

You will spend approximately 50% of your degree on these general courses.

 The rest of the time will be taken up with your course specific modules.

 The following courses will be offered alongside the general studies program:

  • psychological and social fundamentals of Human Resources work (motivation, job satisfaction, company culture etc.)
  • employment law
  • Human Resources policies and strategic personnel management
  • procurement, selection and employment of new staff
  • redundancy of employees
  • organization of working hours, working environment and employment system
  • remuneration and benefits for employees
  • apprenticeship and further training programs
  • staff development, organization development and change management
  • personnel management and deployment of IT in the Human Resources field.