Bachelor's programs
(taught in German)

Degree programDegreeBeginning semesterNotes
Controlling, Finance and AccountingB. Sc. Winter- / Summer semester
Digital Enterprise ManagementB. Sc.Winter semesterCourses in English
Purchasing and LogisticsB. Sc.Winter- / Summer semester
International BusinessB. Sc.; (Double Degree)Winter- / Summer semester
International MarketingB. Sc.; (Double Degree)Winter semester
MarketingB. Sc.Winter semester
Marketing Communication and AdvertisingB. Sc.Winter- / Summer semester
Market Research and Consumer PsychologyB. Sc.Winter semester
Media Management and Psychology of AdvertisingB. Sc.Winter semester
Human Resources ManagementB. Sc.Winter- / Summer semester
Resource Efficiency ManagementB. Sc.Winter semester
Taxation and AuditingB. Sc. Winter- / Summer semester
Business Information Systems, Management and ITB. Sc.Winter semester
Business LawLL.B.Winter- / Summer semester