Doing a PhD at the Business School Pforzheim

Only universities or equivalent institutions of higher education have the right to award doctorates in Germany. Academic members of staff at Pforzheim University who are active in a Bachelor's or Master's program, or are directly assigned to the faculty, have the opportunity to obtain a doctorate while working at the business school. Provided they are academically qualified, the doctoral thesis can be written while working at the university in the form of a cooperation between the Business School Pforzheim and a full university entitled to a award a doctorate degree.

As a rule, a doctorate requires an above average Master's or Magister degree from a full university or a university of applied sciences. Which additional requirements apply is regulated by the particular doctoral regulations of the university where the doctorate is pursued.

Options for a doctorate

For an individual doctorate, doctoral students choose their own topic and look for suitable supervisors at Pforzheim University, as well as at a full university. The supervisor at Business School Pforzheim may be able to assist in the search for a primary thesis supervisor. The dissertation can be written while working as an academic assistant at Pforzheim University or full-time, financed by a doctoral scholarship. Scholarships in Germany are mainly provided by the "Begabtenförderwerke", foundations and state graduate scholarships.

When working as a research assistant in a research project, the PhD process can be part of a larger third-party funded project. The PhD students are employed as academic researchers for the duration of the project, are financed by the project funds and contribute with their research to the overall research program.

Employees at Business School Pforzheim have different options depending on the research question, topic and department:

There is the option to obtain a PhD in the structured doctoral program "ENRES – Energy Systems and Resource Efficiency". The program is designed for PhD students who wish to do a doctorate in the field of energy and resource efficiency. It is run in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart. Doctoral students receive a scholarship and are supervised by experienced professors at Pforzheim University and the participating university. Students work together with the other scholarship holders in the research training group.

A second option is a dissertation supervised by professors from Pforzheim who are co-opted members of a university faculty. The co-optation is based on a professor having a habilitation or being a member in the BW-CAR network for researchers at universities of applied sciences. Those co-opted professors have the right to award doctoral degrees and can themselves serve as a supervisor in PhD processes.

Cooperative dissertations are supervised by a second supervisor at the Business School Pforzheim and a first supervisor from a full university, entitled to award a PhD degree. These partners are cooperating domestic or foreign universities. PhD co-operations within Germany are typically based on the personal contacts of a professor from Pforzheim or are established by the doctoral candidate by individually approaching university professors. Institutional co-operations with foreign partners such as the triple-crown accredited University of Ljubljana are based on structured doctoral programs.