Graduation ceremony "Laudatio"

Events for and with alumni

Strictly speaking, the graduate farewell "Laudatio" is the first alumni event - the transition from a student to an alumnus/alumna takes place here. During the graduation ceremony, not only is it the official event to present bachelor's and master's degrees, but it is also a time to celebrate at Pforzheim University together with family, friends, fellow students, professors and staff.

At the lecture series "VIA Impulse", successful graduates participated in a Question and Answer session with first semesters students of the Business School Pforzheim.

Every two years, the homecoming event "Impulse" takes place, where graduates can meet and get in contact with each other at the university across all classes and degree programs.

Internal events, faculty-wide event series such as the Studium Generale and the Dies Academicus or specialized conferences such as "Business meets Science" and the Controlling Forum offer further opportunities for graduates to return to their training institution again and again - look at our event offerings

Or you can get together with other graduates of the university who currently live near you at an alumni get-together. In addition to networking with each other, you won't miss out on reminiscing - the Alumni Association will be happy to help you with the organization.