Advantages of AACSB at a glance

  • Outstanding quality of study courses
  • Active professors in science and applied research
  • Great teaching and learning conditions
  • High degree of interaction between students and professors
  • Close ties to corporate practice
  • High-quality relationships to international partner universities
  • Excellent career prospects for graduates
  • Each course of study has defined competency goals outlining the skills that each graduate will have obtained at the end of the studies.
  • Feedback loops from/to students to enhance the learning experience through surveys or evaluations
  • Self-commitment to continuous improvement in all areas
  • Support in programs at excellent partner universities
  • High degree of interaction between students and professors
  • Close ties to corporate practice 
  • The excellent quality of the Pforzheim management education has now been internationally verified
  • Pforzheim students possess useful skills and practical knowledge
  • The students have been well equipped for the globally shaped workplace
  • The accreditation guarantees the industry the high quality of education at Pforzheim University
  • You get highly-trained young management talent!

“In addition to the quantitative expansion, the university continuously works on further developing the quality of education. Only the two together promote young talents who are so desperately needed in our economy as well-trained professionals.”

Burkhardt Thost, President of IHK Nordschwarzwald

“As chairman of the advisory board of the Faculty of Economy and Law, and as member of the management of a Swabian company, I’m delighted to see that my former university is the second in the state of Baden-Württemberg, which has distinguished itself through the hard to achieve seal of quality of the AACSB for outstanding management education.

Dr. Robert Friedmann, Spokesman of the Board of Directors at Würth-Group, Künzelsau