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Users' definition of Snapchat

In the latest issue of the International Journal on Media Management Joerg Tropp (Pforzheim University, Business School) and Andreas Baetzgen (Media University, Stuttgart) have published an article about users’ definition of Snapchat usage and the resulting implications for marketing:

Despite its high popularity, Snapchat remains a mystery to many marketers. This study uses a mixed-methods approach to gain a thorough understanding of how users define Snapchat usage in terms of their cognitive processing and behavioral patterns. 14 core associations for Snapchat media usage were explored in focus groups, which were then converted into a consensus map using the concept map method (N = 96). Unlike previous studies, the findings suggest that Snapchat is not so much a medium for continuous communication with the consumer. Nevertheless, it can enrich relationships with them. Media usage is determined by hedonistic goals, while rational goals and normative constraints are in the background. Marketers should therefore focus their attention on aesthetic, affective and alternating stimuli.

The article is provided for your download at University members can use the download link below (log-in necessary).