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The MBA International Management program goals

In the MBA International Management at Pforzheim University, we integrate international and generalist classical management foundations with the most relevant future topics such as Innovation Management, Sustainable Globalization and Digital Transformation.
In a rapidly changing business world, executive managers and employees are confronted with immense challenges and conditions are uncertain as never before. Firms will only withstand future competition successfully if they are able to face these 21st century challenges and head on by exploiting opportunities and minimizing risks.
Companies and employers are looking for managers who have the right mind set and specialist skills - things that the alumni of our MBA International Management program bring with them.

1.Responsible Leadership
Upon completion of our MBA our graduates have profound expertise in leadership principles and management skills that are needed to be successful in organizational contexts.

2. Creative Problem Solving Skills
With our MBA, future managers will be capable of developing innovative and effective solutions for complex tasks in an unfamiliar, complex and volatile business environment.

3. Applied Research Skills
To adopt appropriate research methods and tools to concrete questions in order to develop compelling and innovative findings is one of the key skills that our alumni learned during their MBA studies.

4.Innovation Management
Our MBA enables our graduates to gauge companies’ potential for innovation and change, to stimulate innovative processes and to manage the implementation of innovation.

5. Global Sustainability and Social Corporate Responsibility
In our MBA classes our students learn to identify, analyze and handle the challenges of global sustainability and develop awareness for social and corporate responsibilities.

So if you are ready to take up the challenge we may be just the right fit for you!

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