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Semester Opening Summer Semester 2017

This semester, the current batch is joined by five additional students from Germany, Ecuador, India, Bahrain and Bangladesh. All have prior business knowledge and were able to skip the first semester, in which profound business foundations are being taught. The MBA Class of 2018 is now complete!  

Professor Harald Strotmann, Program Director of the MBA in International Management and Vice Dean of the Pforzheim Business School, welcomed the new students and informed all others about available courses, company visits and upcoming events. He also focused on the program goals and the program outlook in general.

The MBA Class of 2018 is comprised by students from a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds. The nineteen students come from eight different countries: Germany, China, India, USA, Ecuador, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and Iran.

Besides the core courses, the MBA students can choose between three electives: Managerial Decision Making, Change Management and Leadership. In May, the whole batch will visit different companies during a 4-day trip in the area of Lake Constance. Besides, they will have the opportunity to meet with guests in class from several industries.  

Wishing all students a great semester with many valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities!

MBA Class of 2018