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Our Daily Cryptography - Guest Talk

Guest Talk by Sherif Sayed, Class of 2012, Deutsche Bank

“Every career has ups and downs; it never follows a straight line.” With this honest opener, Sherif Sayed, MBA Alumni from 2012, welcomed the MBA International Management students to class, “the place that changed my life”. With his MBA International Management from Pforzheim University, Sherif took a big step from his previous work in the pharma industry to the IT department of Deutsche Bank. He now holds the position as the Assistant Vice President in the Cryptography Program Management Office of the Chief Information Security Organization at Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank cyber security

The agenda of Sherif’s Guest Talk developed from a broad perspective to a very personal note. After getting to know our MBA students and their fields of interest and motivations individually, Sherif started his input. His general introduction to the divisions of Deutsche Bank showed that working for this bank does not necessarily mean working in banking. The following insight to cryptography, which we all are using in everyday life, illustrated his work far off classical finance. All of us are interacting with cryptography on a daily basis in order to secure our communication and access to data and information The outlook on future technology trends came with an overwhelming spectrum, from artificial intelligence up to quantum computers. 

MBA memories and advice

Talking about trends led Sherif to introduce Deutsche Bank’s career opportunities, explaining the flexibility within its company structure. Fulfilling his responsibility of giving personal advice to his successors at the MBA in Pforzheim, Sherif shared his selection of guidance with our students. They appreciated the mixture of information, insight and personal guidance with a long Q&A session. And Sherif appreciated the familiar feeling of his alma mater. Not having been to Pforzheim for a few years, “seeing the Pforzheim sign on the Autobahn felt like home”, he admitted to the MBA staff, and valued the MBA as “the best two years of my life”.


Watch his introduction in our Facebook live video