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MBA Mentoring Program proofs to be a success

MBA Mentoring Program

The MBA Mentoring Program, that has been established in the winter semester for the 3rd semester MBA students, proofs to be a reliable and efficient instrument of guidance and support. The program, that runs for twelve months, aims at bringing together successful MBA graduates with ambitious current students. The graduates that take on the task of a mentor, pass on their knowledge and experience during this program that is characterized by an intensive, challenging and mutually rewarding relationship of trust between mentor and mentee.  The mentors not only give general and career advice to their individual mentees but also support them by opening doors and networking opportunities for the students´ future careers. The MBA team, which initiated the mentoring program by matching the mentors and mentees according to their profiles and their personalities before bringing the pairings together is happy about the positive feedback that it has received so far:

Mentee Li Ding, China, Class of 2020
“I really appreciate that the MBA team launched the mentoring program, giving me the opportunity to get to know my mentor James. He is the best match to be my mentor. We have the same professional background so that we have a better understanding for each other. Till now we meet every month personally. James helps me finding my strength and analyzing the potential career path which can match my qualifications and interests.”

Mentor James Dymond, USA, Class of 2004
Senior Investor Relations Specialist, SAP Germany
“The mentoring program so far has been rewarding from my side. Li and I hit it off right away, and despite the fact our home countries are on opposite sides of the world, we have a lot in common. We have been meeting once a month depending on availability and I have been “assigning homework” in the form of questions to trigger deeper thought and therefore guide our conversations.”

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MBA Mentoring Program