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MBA Alumni Meeting

It is a good tradition in our MBA International Management to invite Alumni as guests to classroom in our “Current MBA students meet MBA Alumni” series. This semester both second and fourth semester students had the chance to listen to and network with seven alumni from different backgrounds and industries. Thereby, the Alumni gave advice to our current students regarding career opportunities and work-life balance.

James Dymond (USA, MBA Class of 2004), Senior Investor Relations Specialist at SAP, emphasized that the MBA provided him with important foundations needed to succeed in the business world. The program enabled him to pursue a new career path.

Yue Miao (China, MBA Class of 2014), Analyst Strategy & Market Intelligence at Nordex / Acciona Windpower, stated the MBA helped her gaining a bigger picture of business affairs and finding out what she really wanted to do. She encouraged the international students to learn German as German language skills can be a key success factor in finding a job. She pointed out that the MBA helped her to successfully change her career, not only to another industry, but also into a new country and using another language.

Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj (India, MBA Class of 2007), Founder and Chairman of Innoplexus AG, recommended taking the most out of the MBA program by interacting and working with professors. Moreover, he let the students be part of his experience in starting a company and pointed out how the MBA helped him in doing so. Today and only after a few years, his company has more than 250 employees and is present in three countries.

Bettina Wikarski (Germany, MBA Class of 2003), Independent Marketing Professional, shared how difficult it was to leave a successful career as a product manager at a well-known German company in order to do her MBA in Pforzheim. Today, she mentions that this was a great decision and that – even it was not easy - she enjoyed every single day at school because it allowed her to gain more valuable competencies. These were later very useful to start her own business. 

Madhwendu Shekhar (India, MBA Class of 2002), Director of Strategic Account and Business Development at Infosys, was the first Indian student on the Pforzheim University campus. He emphasized the importance of getting to know the German culture with its differences and similarities to other cultures and countries and the German language in order to be able to work in cross-cultural teams.

Adriana Rotaru (Romania, MBA Class of 2015), Product Manager at 1&1 Internet, prooved to manage her time in order to find a balance between her studies and personal life during the program. The decision to do an MBA was a great one for her which opened the door for the German labor market. Even today, she sometimes looks at her notes from the MBA to review concepts she learned during the MBA and applies them at her job.

Parvesh Dabur (India, MBA Class of 2012), Global Quality Incident Management and Product Security at Sandoz, explained how grateful he was towards the program since it allowed him to switch industries and get a new perspective. He recommended the current MBA students to create their own goals and not to follow a certain pattern just because everyone else does.

One highlight of the evening was the get together afterwards during which the current MBA students could interact with former MBA students and receive expert advice from them during personal conversations. Pizza and cold beverages helped creating an informal and easy-going environment to chat and exchange thoughts and experiences.

It was a great evening filled with valuable experience, work and life advice and the opportunity for networking between the MBA Alumni and current MBA students. We would like to thank all Alumni for coming back to Pforzheim University to spend the evening with us!