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Make your Vocation your Vacation

It’s always heartening to see our former students succeeding in their professional careers. And so it was a great pleasure to welcome Annie Nguyen, Alumna from the MBA Class of 2014, and now Country Developer for Vietnam & Singapore, represent Trivago as a guest lecturer today at our MBA class. Trivago is considered to be the Google of the travel industry as is a highly successful tech company that provides price comparison of over 1 million hotels worldwide and the website receives more than 120 million visitors each month.

Interactive Introduction

Annie began her interaction with the current students by first asking them for their introduction and asked them to answer an important question, “What do you want from your life?” She was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the answers and was happy to sense the enthusiasm and ambition in the students. Her presentation started with an introduction about the company profile of Trivago and its business model. Annie passionately explained her role as a Country Developer and the various challenges that she faces when making efforts to expand her company’s business in Vietnam (where she is originally from) and Singapore.  Her job profile as country developer primarily consists of having local knowledge, planning / strategizing and representation. She proudly explained Trivago’s company values and also showed a video of Trivago’s new campus in Dusseldorf which is under construction and will be ready by next year.

The MBA empowers

Annie highlighted how the work culture of Trivago is very different from bigger corporate firms such as Daimler (where she had worked while she was studying her MBA at Pforzheim). Trivago has no fixed work timings and no fixed vacation days. All employees are expected to self-determine when they want to come in to work and how many vacation days they want to take in a year! Annie also greatly emphasized on the importance of the MBA program and how her 2 years at Pforzheim University helped her step out of her comfort zone, become even more authentic and get rid of her shyness. She spoke of her MBA days in fond nostalgia and expressed her gratitude for the support that she had received from the professors during the program. The Pforzheim MBA empowered her to do what she is good at and taught her to take a stand for what she believes in, including her own skills.

Make the most of life

Towards the end of her talk, she gave the current MBA students tips about studying for the courses in the MBA program and also gave pointers about applying to companies in Germany after graduating from the university. The students were impressed by her naturally vibrant personality and were particularly inspired by the final statement of her presentation in which she said that an average person spends 90.000 hours at work during his/her lifetime, so why not make your vocation your vacation? She said that in her experience it is important for one to do what one enjoys doing as then one can truly make the most of life.

We are grateful to Annie Nguyen for imparting such valuable professional and life lessons to our current MBA students and wish her success in all her future endeavors.