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Prof. Robert W. Godby is member of the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Wyoming and in the same time Associate Dean of the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources. The Haub School advances the understanding and resolution of complex environmental and natural resources challenges which are one of Robert W. Godby´s fields of research. Other topics he teaches and does research in are Energy Economics and Policy, Behavioral Economics as well as  Macroeconomics.
Since 2011 already Robert W. Godby is coming to Pforzheim University to teach “Foundations in Macroeconomics” to the first semester MBA students. The class is divided into two parts: while the first one covers the basics of macroeconomic theory and measurement the second part is addressing business cycles, growth and policy. During his class Robert W. Godby gives the students an understanding of the importance and the consequences of macroeconomic conditions for the economy as well as for business decisions.
Great to have you back on campus!