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Guest in Classroom session #4: Dr. Michael Stoermer, Burger Edelmetalle, Germany

The MBA team recently organized an online guest lecture to advance our students’ knowledge on the topic of leadership. The session was delivered by Dr. Michael Stoermer, CEO at Dr. Bernhard Burger AG and CEO at Burger & Gyr AG of Burger Edelmetalle, a service provider in the precious metals’ domain.

Dr. Stoermer began the lecture by differentiating a good manager from a good leader: “Management skills and leadership skills are not synonyms”, he said, while emphasizing on his point that a good manager, who delivers excellent presentations and manages the resources of his company efficiently may also be a weak leader. Failing to adopt a people-centric approach to management and create a conducive environment to people fulfilment were the fronts where many managers fell short. It will always pay off for good leaders to invest some time to get to know their team and to include them. In his key address, Dr. Stoermer used his 5-levels of leadership approach, making it easier for the MBA students to understand different styles of leadership and the stages involved in the evolvement as a leader.

In tumultuous times such as the present, business leaders can be instrumental in inspiring morale among employees and here on, their relevance in businesses is only going to increase. We are sure that this session on leadership will be very conducive in preparing the MBA cohort for their future leadership roles.

Text/photos: Shvetang Pai Angle, Class of 2021