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Guest in Classroom #1

The MBA International Management students had their first Guest in Classroom session with Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President & General Manager Aftermarket at MAHLE.  Joining Mr. Henning was Caroline Gass, Mr. Henning’s technical assistant. Both delivered insightful presentations into MAHLE Aftermarket strategy.

Mr. Henning introduced MAHLE´s Aftermarket’s strategy by indicating the challenges workshops and retailers may experience due to the increasing complexity of technologies and diversified powertrains in a world that is transitioning towards green technologies. However, the Aftermarket strategy is focused on solutions and not necessarily specific products. This required a trends analysis that demonstrates Aftermarket can not only continue to increase revenue within emerging markets and use of efficient combustion engines, but also shows there is opportunity in new markets with services offered in electric drive systems and power electronics.

Furthermore, Caroline Gass further elaborated on Aftermarket’s dual strategy: electrification and digitalization. The electrification approach allows Aftermarket to focus on its product portfolio to build the future, develop in new fields, and strengthen positions within M&A, service solutions, and start-ups. This look at cross-selling and tech support provides a comprehensive package to Aftermarket’s consumers. Such innovations can and have been produced with internal start-ups through the MAHLE Incubator, where products such as ChargeBig and Com4Kids were engineered and brought to market. The second part of Aftermarket’s dual strategy is digitalization where innovation meets customer requirements in terms of digital platforms. The goal is to create experiences that improve processes on a digital level and improve operational experiences. One such example is the Customer Care Portal (MCCP) that operates as a one-stop-shop for Aftermarket’s consumers, retailers, and workshops. On any device, customers can choose from various functions that include e-shopping, product research, place orders, view order histories, download invoices, and have customer service available 24/7. Beyond the MCCP, Ms. Gass presented on MAHLE’s transition to a smart supply chain with automation. Specifically with regards to global logistics, Devices such as automated guided vehicles (AGV) and the pro global scanner are two developments that eliminate the element of human error and further streamlines logistics processes.

After both presentations, the MBA IM students created an exciting dialogue with questions and conversations directed at Mr. Henning and Ms. Gass.

text: Gabrielle Boimann, Class of 2022
pictures: MAHLE, MBA