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Finance is not just about numbers and excel sheets

Our third-semester MBA students who chose to specialize in financial aspects were definitely prepared for any kind of challenge that might come their way. Each finance elective, ranging from European Financial Markets to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Advanced Corporate Finance, focused on a difference aspect of the financial sector or financial responsibilities of a company.

European Financial Markets

Especially important to our international students coming from a wide range of countries outside of Europe was the European Financial Markets course offered by Professor Wentzel. Just as the name suggests, it covered a wide range of contemporary issues faced by the European financial systems. The students got to dive deeper into the challenges of the Euro currency, the financial fiscal integration in Europe and the sovereign debt crisis. While discussing about issues arising from the Brexit and for the European System of Central Banks, Professor Wentzel also highlighted the importance of FinTechs in the further development of financial systems. For example, he introduced the students to the role of artificial intelligence and deep learning machines on the structuring of financial products, as well as the rise of crypto-currencies like the Bitcoin. The highlight of the course was a field trip to Frankfurt where the students received a detailed presentation and got to participate in a discussion with the German Central Bank on challenges it faces and even got a glimpse of the dealer floor at the Deutsche Börse.

International Financial Reporting Standards

As an additional elective focusing on the connection between a company and its reporting responsibilities to the public, the students could choose the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) course with Professor Kropp. This course was not simply about learning all reporting standards by heart, but rather about understanding their importance for the creation of financial statements and learning how to interpret them. Including multiple case studies, the students got to see real-life examples and thought about how they would best interpret and apply each standard to a specific accounting situation and disclosure requirements.

Advanced Corporate Finance

To close the loop for a perfect specialization in finance, the Advanced Corporate Finance course was offered by Professor Rupp. Including a company visit to the Mann+Hummel Treasury department with presentations and discussions on the various roles of the treasury, the course focused on the financing and valuation techniques of a company. Moreover, the students learned to understand the capital structure and cost of capital of a company and how to value forecasts of project activities as growth opportunities.

Ready to enter a financial profession, our students definitely got to learn that there is so much more to finance than just calculations and numbers. Even students who already had a background in finance learned new and helpful insights for their future professional careers. Thank you to all professors for such inspirational courses!