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Benefits of HSPF MBA for German students

Why do German students choose our MBA program?

The career prospects and the opportunity to have a transformational learning experience have proven to be exceptionally bright for Germans in our MBA classes. Not only has the program equipped them with the requisite skills for excelling in the world of general management but has also helped many of them to switch industries even though they had no prior professional experience in their current industries. They also got to experience a multi-cultural study environment that helped them to deeply understand the intricacies of how businesses work across different cultures around the world. With a class profile representing students from many different countries, it opened the doors for our German students to gain global business insights and also benefit from our International Exchange Program through which they are required to complete a semester abroad in top universities in Europe, the Americas or Asia.

The MBA program at Pforzheim Business School has recently been ranked amongst the Top 10 Best MBA programs in Germany by Find-MBA. Our German alumni continue to thrive in the world of business management using the skills they have acquired at our program. Pforzheim Business School is one of only nine institutions in Germany to have been awarded the prestigious AACSB accreditation that is considered a global hallmark of excellence in business studies.

From Tourism to Strategy Advisor

Nadine Ebmeyer, our former German MBA student, has made the school proud by making the seemingly improbable transition from Tourism Industry to the profile of CIO Digital Strategy Advisor at KPMG. Nadine previously held a Diploma in Business Administration with a specialization in Tourism and worked in the luxury segment of tourism. She made a decision to switch her career from Tourism Management to Business Management by enrolling in our MBA in International Management program in 2015.

The two years that she spent in our classrooms, coupled with our extensive company visits, company projects and case studies enabled her to build a strong foundation in business management. During an alumni meet organized at the school, she met Gopi, our alumnus working at KPMG. Gopi was highly impressed by the business insights that Nadine had learnt during her MBA and her 8 years of professional experience that had given her extensive exposure to international markets. Through the help of his reference and the uniqueness of her profile, Nadine has been offered a job at KPMG even before the completion of her MBA this year.

From Engineering to Product Management

Another German alumnus who exemplifies how our MBA program can be especially beneficial to German students who are looking to advance in their careers is Daniel Hänsch, who is now working as a Product Manager at Hohenloher Spezialmöbel. Daniel did his Bachelor degree in Wood Technology and subsequently worked as Project Manager and Consultant in the Office Furniture Industry. He enrolled in our MBA class in 2015 as he wished to broaden his professional horizons and explore the world of business management. He was encouraged by our professors throughout the program to explore his interests enabling him to switch from an engineering to a product management profile. According to him, he greatly benefited from the Company Experience that is part of our MBA’s curriculum that helped him to supplement his knowledge with practical business experience.

We are inviting applications for German candidates with a business background to join our MBA program in the second semester starting in March 2018. So, if you are looking for an MBA that not only provides excellent career growth but also opportunities to learn about different cultures from across the world, then MBA at Pforzheim University is the place for you, and we look forward to welcoming you.